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Village of elderly woman killed by elephant had houses destroyed by herd during victim's funeral
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Village of elderly woman killed by elephant had houses destroyed by herd during victim’s funeral

A 68-year-old woman was killed by an elephant in India in a case that gained international attention after the animal returned to the village where she lived and attacked her body during the funeral, knocking it over and causing her friends and family to flee to safety. . According to the portal Times of India
Maya Murmu’s house was destroyed in the episode, when a herd of elephants entered the village and destroyed three other properties.

Images released by the newspaper show the damage to one of the houses in the village.

Reports indicate that Maya’s death occurred while she was collecting water in the village of Raipai, in Mayurbhanj district, in the Indian state of Odisha, and came across a herd heading towards her. Although she tried to run away, one of the elephants managed to get to her and trampled her. Maya was taken to a hospital, but did not survive her injuries.

His relatives took the body back home to prepare it for the funeral that would take place that evening. During the ceremony, the group was surprised by the invasion of the elephants. People ran for safety, leaving Maya’s body behind, which was eventually thrown into the air by one of the elephants. There was no one else injured. After the animals left the village, the elderly woman’s family was finally able to complete the ceremony.

“We were terrified after witnessing the herd of elephants on Thursday night. We have never had such a fierce herd of elephants before,” one resident told Times of India.

According to local media, the elephant that attacked Maya had come from the Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary, about 160 kilometers from Odisha.

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