I am saddened by the Armed Forces salute to Bolsonaro

Campaigning in the Northeast, PT pre-candidate for the Presidency of the Republic, former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, said this Saturday (18) that he is sad when he sees the “Armed Forces saluting” President Jair Bolsonaro (PL ), who is a retired army captain.

“I get sad when I see the Armed Forces saluting a guy who was expelled from the Army for bad behavior,” Lula told militants at a public rally at the Sergipe Convention Center.

Alongside Senator Rogério Carvalho, candidate for the government of Sergipe, and his vice presidential candidate, Geraldo Alckmin (PSB), Lula criticized Bolsonaro’s stance when Recife was the target of heavy rains that killed more than 120 people.

“He has no respect for the Brazilian people, for our children and for the men and women of this country. We need to change that. But I’m not the one who’s going to change, it’s you,” Lula stressed. “Look at this ‘thing’ that has been ruling Brazil for 4 years. He was prepared to talk nonsense every single day, through his lives”, she added.

The PT also said that Bolsonaro is “the greatest sinner in the history of humanity, because he speaks of God and we know that you cannot speak the name of God in vain. You cannot lie in the name of God.”

Lula also declared that he does not want to receive the presidential sash from Bolsonaro’s hands, but from the hands of the Brazilian people. “It’s no use the ‘Bozo’ [Jair Bolsonaro] keep saying you’re not leaving. As the people are the voice of God, he will leave, because the people want him to leave”.

attacks on the polls

Before Lula’s speech, Alckmin also commented on Bolsonaro’s attacks on the electoral process. He said the president, whom he called “Bozo”, “is not suspicious of electronic voting machines, he doesn’t trust the people’s vote, because he knows he doesn’t deserve a second term”.

Lula arrived in the region on Thursday (16) with a mission to visit three capitals: Natal, Maceió and Aracaju, where he met with governors and political leaders for the first time since he formalized his candidacy alongside Alckmin.

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