Influencer posts transformation after quitting alcohol and shocking change

Australian influencer Kurt Coleman left fans stunned by sharing the transformation his body has gone through over the last year after he decided to stop drinking alcohol.

The 25-year-old shared the before and after on his Instagram profile, and commented on the journey he faced to stop his addiction.


“After leaving the hospital, in the photo on the left, I was very thin. I couldn’t even open a jar of peanut butter. That’s how weak I was!” he began.

“So a year later, I’m really proud because I worked hard on myself to get to this point. Now, I want to help others and share my experiences. But, yes, I feel very beautiful and healthy,” Kurt added.

As soon as he decided to stop drinking, the influencer discovered pancreatitis, a consequence of his own drinking habits since he was 13 years old:

“I got sick after drinking a few glasses of wine, and the next day I ended up in the hospital and found out I had pancreatitis caused by binge drinking since I was 13. I barely drank when I got sick, but it goes to show that it can achieve at any time, no matter how much you drink.”

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