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After revolutionizing electric cars and starting a fantastic journey of space exploration, now It seems that the entrepreneur Elon Musk also wants to get involved in the manufacture of cell phones. There has been talk of a Tesla smartphone for some time. Several rumors are in the air about a device that would be in line with the principles of the car company. How should this device be? You check below.

Despite Tesla still not have confirmed the project of a new smartphone, it wouldn’t be a big surprise to announce a cell phone. This is because the company has a history of launching products other than its standard portfolio. As an example we have an umbrella, stainless steel whistle and even electric quadricycle for children.

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Concept image for Tesla’s smartphone — Photo: ADR Studio Design

The only place the Tesla smartphone was “born” was in the world of concepts and renderings carried out by enthusiasts. There hasn’t been, so far, any reliable leak regarding the housing of a possible cell phone from the world’s most valuable automaker.

Anyway, the model is expected to have a design that follows the lines of what is traditionally adopted today by the market. So we are talking about the presence of a screen with minimal edges, glass finish with metal, followed by the imprint of the logo on the back of the product.

Features and Specifications

Concept of what Tesla’s cell phone would look like — Photo: Reproduction/ADR Studio Design

Tesla is unlikely to create its own system to compete with iOS (Apple) and Android (Google), which dominate the market. Elon Musk’s company could use Android in a customized version.

In any case, the model is expected to be equipped with a 6-inch screen with AMOLED technology or similar and high-end high-performance processor.

As it is a Tesla product, it is expected that a possible launch will be equipped with high-end hardware (16 GB of RAM, for example), in addition to special features. The bets mention the possible compatibility with satellite internet from starlink, also by Elon Musk. One theory is that they would work where Starlink equipment already exists (like a Tesla building or car equipped with a proper antenna, for example).

Other details would be solar chargingTesla vehicle remote control, advanced cameras and, in the more distant future, support for neurolink technology – although the idea of ​​an intelligent computer that works in conjunction with the brain is just science fiction.

When would the smartphone be released?

The answer to this question may displease many mobile technology enthusiasts and Tesla brand lovers. It is important to be aware that, so far, the launch of a smartphone by Elon Musk’s company is mere speculation. Rumors about the development of the new product are still very scarce.

At the beginning of the month, there was a rumor about a possible new date for the Tesla Model Pi or Tesla Phone to come into the world. Speculation mentions April 2023.

Some more optimistic estimates mention the launch for 2022, but it is unlikely that this will happen. If the brand was really secretly preparing the ad for this year, it would be natural that some detail of the smartphone had already leaked, such as an illustration of the housing, a technical data sheet or even a suspicious registration in some telecommunications agency. That hasn’t happened until today.

The iPhone 14, which should only be released in September this year, for example, has already had a series of leaks – even with Apple working in absolute secrecy. Leaks are common and not even Tesla would be free of it.

What would the price of Tesla’s smartphone be?

The functions expected for the cell phone from Elon Musk’s company are quite attractive. If the model really exists, interested parties will probably have to pay a high price, compatible with the value of the main tops of the market.

In this way, the initial guesses for the price of the Tesla smartphone, assuming it actually comes to market, start at $800 and go up to $1,200, which gives between R$4,090 to R$6,130 in direct conversion.

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