Itaú Personnalité? See 4 advantages and 3 disadvantages

Are you in doubt whether it is worth being an Itaú Personnalité customer? So, check out the advantages and disadvantages of the service.

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Itaú Personnalité is one of Itaú Unibanco’s products, aimed at customers with high purchasing power or special employees of renowned companies. So that you can decide if it’s worth being a Personnalité customer, we’ve put together a list of the advantages and disadvantages of this service.


Itaú Personnalité offers several advantageous services, mainly for clients with an investor profile.

1 – Investment Advisory

For clients who invest or think about investing, this modality can be useful, as it offers real investment advice to resolve any doubts the client may have about the ways to invest their money.

In the Banco Itaú Personnalité app, available for Android and IOS, go to the “investments” option, then to “Video Chat” and click on “Talk to an expert”, so that any doubts can be answered.

A call center with specialists in this area is also offered through the numbers 4004-4828, for capitals and metropolitan regions, and 0800-970-4828 for other regions.

2 – Exchange solutions

When traveling, if necessary, Personnalité offers a currency exchange service for the purchase or exchange of money. Through it, it is possible to have access to cash, whether in dollars or euros, international credit and debit cards and even international transfers.

In the application, it is possible to buy dollars or euros and withdraw at an Itaú branch. To use this feature, simply enter the Services tab and select the “Exchange” option, then click on “Dollar and Euro in cash”. Once this is done, simply choose the location to withdraw the money.

3 – Exclusive cards

Itaú Personnalité offers its customers Debit, Platinum, Mastercard Black, Visa Infinite, Visa Signature and Latam Pass Infinite cards. Each of them has different benefits. Check out some of the benefits of this service below.

  • Debit: This has no difference from other rival bank debit cards. It has the purpose of making payments, withdrawals, transfers, applications and other traditional functions.
  • Platinum: Made for international travel. Reward program of points per dollar spent, reservations for restaurants and shows, cultural and gastronomy tips, partnerships with online stores and, from R$ 150 thousand invested in the Personnalité account, the annual fee will not be charged.
  • Mastercard Black: This one is for those looking for loyalty programs. It has a reward of up to 2 points per dollar spent on domestic purchases, 3 international points, 1 point per dollar spent on purchases at the iupp mall. Your points do not expire and can be used towards miles, cashback and other options.

4 – Protection Services

The Personnalité client will have access to several protection services, which can be customized and contracted, according to the need. In addition to being for family, heritage, travel, income, automobile, women, residence and card.


Itaú Personnalité also has disadvantages, such as the high fees charged for the service. See some below.

1 – Invited only

Only people selected by Itaú Unibanco can become Personnalité customers. A requirement to be invited is that you have a minimum income of approximately R$ 10 thousand and the same amount invested.

2 – Bureaucracy

To open a Personnalité account, in addition to being invited, you are required to schedule a trip to an agency through the Itaú website.

3 – High rates

Fees for the services offered are high, and some are charged only when the customer chooses to use them. However, there is a monthly fee for account administration that costs R$ 70.00, not including fees for financial transactions.

Is it worth being a Personnalité customer?

Deciding whether or not to be an Itaú Personnalité customer may seem easy, taking into account all the advantages that the account offers. Therefore, you need to consider the disadvantages and analyze whether the services meet all your needs.

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