‘Juma is not afraid of her body’, says Alanis Guillen about nude scenes

Actor Jesuíta Barbosa and actress Alanis Guillen in a scene from 'Pantanal'.

Actor Jesuíta Barbosa and actress Alanis Guillen in a scene from ‘Pantanal’. Photo: João Miguel Júnior/Globo

as normal as seeing Juma happy in his natural habit in the novel wetland it is to naturalize the nude scenes of the character, who has a free, light and close relationship with nature. For Alanis Guillenwho plays the character, this performance is “quiet”.

“Compared to the first wetland, has much less exposure. My relationship with it is peaceful. I’m there for Juma and Juma is not afraid of her body. She doesn’t see this malice that we put on”, said the actress in an interview with the magazine Glam.

“Her socialization is with free animals, nature. She feels the water hitting her whole body, the sun. And I also bring that a little bit. I’m very sensorial”, he adds.

To live the character, in addition to talking to actress Cristiana Oliveira, who played the original Juma, Alanis says she changed some habits and adopted new activities to understand what it’s like to be more “earthly”.

One of the main changes was going back to eating meat after five years of being a vegetarian. “It was a process that ended up coming together. I knew I was going to the middle of the woods, that I wouldn’t have the freedom of choice I have on a day-to-day basis here and that this character demanded other qualities from me”, she says.

“Perhaps, if I consumed things that densified me more, for me to understand this stronger body, it would be an interesting research”, he considered. “I was gradually returning with white meat, and red meat came back more now. I sought this diet that would give me body density, but nothing is permanent in my life.”

Alanis has also started to practice stronger sports, such as kung-fu, which, according to her, “works the feet on the ground, the energies of the body”.

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