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If featherweight Deberson “The Prince” could sum up his life in one word, it would be “overcoming”. The Minas Gerais fighter, who will challenge champion Júlio Pereira in the main event of Jungle Fight 108, which takes place this Sunday in Manaus, accepted the fight with just two weeks notice, had to cut 5kg in one day, and even passed out in the sauna. of a motel in the capital of Amazonas during the weight loss process.

Deberson The Prince (left) faces champion Júlio Pereira in the main event of Jungle Fight 108 — Photo: Miguel Almeida / Emanuel Sports

– Weight loss from Friday to Saturday was a real war. That was my battle. I had no idea that I would be 5kg overweight. I left Belo Horizonte weighing 68kg, calm. I would only need to cut 2kg, and it didn’t even cross my mind that I would have to go through that. I landed in Manaus with 3kg more. But thank God the mission was accomplished, I got very close to the lower limit of the category and now I want to put on a show and do what I do best, which is knocking out and putting on a show for the crowd. If I wasn’t a guy who put on a show, Wallid wouldn’t put me in a title fight.

The weight cut was suffered for “The Prince”, but it had some comedic moments. Even passing out in the sauna after three 15-minute rounds to cut the remaining 900g, the fighter laughs when remembering his trainer’s joke on leaving the motel towards the hotel where the official weigh-in of the event was being held.

– It was tragic. I had already taken off 4.1kg, but the 900g that was missing I had no more resources to cut. I couldn’t stand jumping rope, hitting the gauntlet and running on the treadmill anymore. It was very difficult, and we chose to have a sauna in a motel. It was even funny, because when we left, the taxi driver was even embarrassed to see three guys leaving the motel, and my coach was still making fun of me, filming everything (laughs). We managed to take 200g first, then another 300g, and the last 400g I took doing three 15-minute rounds of gauntlet in the sauna. At that time I felt like I was going to faint and I warned my coach. He held me and protected my head as I fell. I arrived weak for the weigh-in, but it has passed. I’m fine, weighing 71kg or 72kg and I intend to fight at 77kg or 78kg.

Deberson The Prince Jungle Fight 108 — Photo: Playback / Instagram

Excited about the possibility of winning one or even two bonuses promised by the organization, the Minas Gerais native guarantees that his ultimate goal is to be hired by the UFC, to face the best athletes in the world.

– I want to take my opponent and go home with two bonuses: a knockout of the night and a fight of the night. But the biggest prize is the belt, which will open many doors for me, to fight abroad and, who knows, fight in the UFC, which is my goal. I’m ready. If we want to fight the best, we have to be ready for whatever comes. I caught this fight two weeks in advance, and I guaranteed it would be ready. I had just returned from Jungle Fight in São Paulo, coming from a war against Alexsandro Cangaty. I went by car from Belo Horizonte to São Paulo, a very exhausting trip, which weakened me a lot.

Aware that he will be facing a rival who will have the support of the crowd, Deberson says he is motivated by the boos and the opposing crowd, and believes that Júlio Pereira will act like his last opponents: he will feel the pressure of his blows and try to take him for the ground.

– I like this hostile atmosphere, with the crowd all against me. Usually the crowd is all for me, but this atmosphere is the best, because I’m going to silence the crowd. They will see who Prince is. I’m going to shut the gym down and scare the boss away with the knockout of the night. Always in my fights guys try to grab me. The striking guys become grapplers (laughs). I’m used to it. I go in for the knockout, and I’m prepared for him to try and take me down. It was like that in my last fight in São Paulo. He was a striker and turned grappler. But since I started in MMA, this is the game, because they think I don’t have a good ground floor. But if he takes me down I’ll get him.

If the last few days were hard for the miner, they are nothing compared to what he has been through in life. He had to deal with the death of his mother, with whom he lived, at the age of 15, and he saw in sport the chance to overcome adversity,

– My life hasn’t been easy. I had several opportunities to give up. I lost my mother when I was 15, and if it wasn’t for the sport, and my taekwondo master in Diamantina, I would be lost in the world. I lived with my mother, because my sister lived with my aunt and my mother doubled her work to give us a little better life. I saw my mother from time to time on weekends. I decided to be the guy she expected me to be. I was a three-time Minas Gerais taekwondo champion, I was a South American champion, and when I moved to Belo Horizonte, I decided to migrate to MMA. I lost on my amateur MMA debut in 2008, which I went with a partner who only knew how to give me water. I was submitted with a rear naked choke, and I saw that I needed to be up to date with jiu-jitsu. Then I scored four straight wins before my professional debut.

Father of two daughters, the fighter says he is a survivor, and seeks to fulfill his dream of being able to take children to Disney.

– I was very motivated by the difficulties. I ate a noodles before going to training and walked home, because I didn’t have money for the ticket. I got home at midnight and woke up at 4 am to go to work on the construction site. It was a battle. I say that I am a survivor in the face of so much adversity I had ahead. I have two daughters and I want to give them the best. I already have a little better condition than when I started and I told them I want to take them to Disney. Whenever I go in to fight, I visualize my opponent wanting to steal my girls’ dreams.

O Combat it’s the SportTV 2 broadcast this Sunday (19) the Jungle Fight 108 in its entirety, live and exclusively direct from Manaus, starting at 18:00 (Brasilia time).

Jungle Fight 108
June 19, 2022, in Manaus
Featherweight: Julio Pereira vs Deberson The Prince
Middleweight: Gabriel Tayson vs Edson Silva
Featherweight: Alexandre Castro vs Elifrank Cariolano
Welterweight: Luis Picanço vs Isac Silva
Flyweight: Jhonata Peres vs Eduardo Castro
Middleweight: Kleyber Mota x Fábio Moraes
Flyweight: Yan Ferraz vs Thiago Silva
Flyweight: Erianny Castaneda vs Ana Paula Ferreira
Featherweight: Maurício Almeida vs Rock Neto Alves
Flyweight: Jose Thomas vs Cleiton Monteiro
Flyweight: Manoel Junior vs Marcelo Lima
Flyweight: Francisco Neves vs Paulo Victor
Bantamweight: Wesley Cordeiro vs Erick Castro
Flyweight: Antônio César “The Flash” vs Geovanni Barbosa
Flyweight: Márcio Carvalho vs Gilmar Filho
Featherweight: Max William vs Jardel Vieira

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