Junior Lima’s wife posts rare photo on a walk with her children and enchants

Junior Lima’s wife, Monica Benini, publishes a tour with her children and declares herself

musician’s wife, Junior Lima, of the duo with Sandythe digital influencer, Monica Benini, published a rare record of the couple’s children. In the image, the artist appears on a beautiful walk with her heirs, little Lara, eight months old, and her eldest son, Otto, four years old.

In the caption of the publication, the very proud mom wrote: “With my loves”, she melted. Although the couple is not in the habit of exposing their children on their social networks, from time to time the wife of Junior Lima shares small family moments with fans of the artist.

Monica and he have been together since 2014 and are proud parents of little Otto and Lara. She who is torn between reconciling child care and the challenges of creating professional projects. Recently, the influencer shared a candid account of motherhood and its challenges.

She said that an unforeseen event with one of the heirs made her completely change her schedule for the day. “It was all under control. Ah, early in the morning, many awakenings of a baby more agitated than usual. The alarm clock rings. Time to get the oldest son ready for school. But he, apparently, was afflicted with one of those fateful autumn viruses,” said his wife. Junior Limawho described what had happened.

“I, who feel sand in my eyes from so much sleep, swallow my breakfast and make myself available to both of them. I share the lap, one leg for each child: the left for the baby who doesn’t want to be far away and the right for the indisposed brother. And my schedule? At this point, even if I remember her, she is already behind”, concluded the mother of Otto and Lara. That highlights motherhood as something divine. She revealed that there are neither words nor feelings that highlight this incredible feeling.

Junior Lima and Monica Benini show rare clicks of their children and enchant

Junior Lima’s wife, Monica Benini, publishes photos of her children on a walk and surprises fans

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