Leandra Leal posts rare click of her daughter and enchants: “A painting”

Leandra Leal publishes a beautiful record of her 7-year-old daughter and enchants followers by showing a painting made by the girl

The actress Leandra Leal enchanted internet users by publishing a beautiful click of her daughter, little Júlia, seven years old. In the image, the artist showed the little girl making art. She came up with her hands full of paint and before the click showed a heart painting made by her.

The girl is the result of the former relationship of the actress with the cultural producer Alê Youssef. Currently, the famous is married to filmmaker Guilherme Burgos. For now, the two do not have children together.

But, very discreet in her personal life, Leandra Leal whenever he can, he occasionally publishes photos of his only daughter and enchants his followers with beautiful clicks of the little one. Recently the artist, she appeared at a music festival and paid a beautiful tribute to her mother.

In the caption of the publication, the artist who enjoyed a music show, alongside her daughter, declared to her mother: “Of everything my mother gave me, love is the most precious thing. Love for art, for people, for the common good. Act with love, listen with love, look with love, work with love. My mother taught me to love even in pain. After all, love is also resistance,” she began.

Leandra Leal, stressed that her mother has always been her strength when accompanying her on her path. “In the most difficult times, in the hardest years of our lives, she is always a safe haven. A love made of empathy and reception. How proud I am to be your daughter, to hear the stories of colleagues who lived with you and always reaffirm everything I admire most. Thanks Mom. You are my biggest and most beautiful inspiration.”

The global was recently seen, participating in the external recordings of her new series, at Praia do Arpoador, in the south zone of Rio de Janeiro. At the time, the actress was accompanied by other people from the cast of the new Globoplay production.

Leandra Leal publishes rare photo of her daughter doing a painting and enchants

Instagram reproduction Daughter of Leandra Leal shows painting made by her and enchants

Leandra Leal publishes tribute to her mother and moves followers

Instagram reproduction Leandra Leal thrills followers by publishing a beautiful tribute to her mother and enchants

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