Leonardo has his personal life exposed by an employee: “He hides”

Employee of Leonardo and Poliana Rocha talks about differences between the couple

This Friday (17th), Poliana Rocha caught the attention of his followers on Instagram with a box of questions. But this time, unlike the others, the wife of Leonardo put its employee, Abadia Cardoso, to answer questions sent by fans.

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Among one of the questions, an internet user wanted to know if she had already been scolded by Zé Felipe’s mother. Without further ado, she stated that the influencer is quite calm on a day-to-day basis.

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“Never. Whenever she wants to say something, she leaves the most affectionate note in the world and even calls me love,” said Abadia.

Employee exposes singer’s behavior at home

She later said who was the messiest of the couple. “Leo is messier, Poli is organized. She takes off her clothes, leaves everything folded, now Leo steps on her [na roupa] and leave it where it is”, he said about Leonardo.

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“Does Leo make fun of you a lot?”, asked another internet user. “Leo makes fun of me too much. He calls me a mare’s belly, a broken belly, says that I eat his trains everything, hides his sleeves, and there’s a mango tree here in the backyard”, said Leonardo and Poliana Rocha’s employee.

Poliana Rocha and Leonardo (Photo: Reproduction)
Poliana Rocha and Leonardo (Photo: Reproduction)

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