“Let me be ugly in peace”

Gkay is irritated by criticism of his plastic surgery:

Gkay is irritated by criticism of her plastic surgery: “Let me be ugly in peace”

Photo: Playback/Instagram/@gessicakayane

The influencer Gkay revolted on Saturday night (18) with attacks on her plastic surgeries and other aesthetic procedures. Followers on Twitter criticized the changes made by the influencer in her body, who reacted with indignation and made an appeal: “Let me be ugly in peace”.

The tweet that started the attacks was published by the self-titled profile Maranhense Raro. He compared Gkay’s appearance by showing before and after photos of the cosmetic procedures and stating that she looked better before the changes. The influencer has already made several changes to her body.

“Gkay had a beautiful body. Her mouth was perfect. Why was she messing with all this?! This image disturbance and the incessant search for an unattainable standard is sad”, he wrote.

Gkay reacted annoyed with the comment: “‘why did she move?’ Because I WANT THAT boring people I don’t leave people if I want to become one and what matters is that I like it einnnnn”.

Other attacks followed in the comments, another profile mocked: “You’ve already become ET”. “OBAAAAAAA because it’s my dream”, replied the influencer ironically.

At the end of several responses to the haters, Gkay published a tweet on his profile in which he asked for peace. “LET ME BE UGLY IN PEACE AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA,” she said.

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