Lion dives into crocodile-infested lake in Africa and escapes unharmed

A video posted on YouTube caught the attention of netizens for showing the tense moments experienced by a lion who was trying to feed on the carrion of a hippopotamus in a lake in Africa, when he ended up discovering the hard way that the waters were infested with crocodiles.

The unusual video was posted on the Facts Tell YouTube channel, attracting the attention of thousands of netizens who, in their comments, were rooting for the lion to escape the mouths of the more than 40 crocodiles that were in the lake.

According to information provided in the video, the incident took place in the National Reserve. But then Mara, Kenya. The images show an isolated lion, on top of a hippopotamus carcass, surrounded by more than 40 crocodiles. It is unclear when the video was filmed.

In the background, people’s voices can be heard cheering the lion across the predator-infested waters. When the lion manages to cross the water and arrive safely, everyone applauds.

The crowd also infected spectators, who left hundreds of messages in the comments.

“Wow! He did a stunt to escape and succeeded. The lion knew that time was not in his favor,” wrote one netizen. “The king of the jungle teaches us: never give up, no matter how desperate it seems,” wrote another.

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