Marko detonates FIA directive on porpoising: “Complete nonsense”

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After Mercedes called the International Automobile Federation (FIA) after the Azerbaijan GP to ask for an investigation and measures to solve the problem of porpoising at formula 1immediate objections arose from other teams, who felt it was wrong to modify the structure of the cars with the season going on.

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However, the body decided to intervene, especially after comments from pilots, who expressed concern about the physical effects on their bodies. However, not everyone liked this, as can be seen in Canada.

Red Bull’s Max Verstappen was vocally critical of the technical rulings issued, and Helmut Marko, a team consultant, was also unenthusiastic.

The manager disagrees with the approach chosen by the FIA ​​and says it makes no sense to change the rules due to some complaints from Mercedes drivers.

“It is something that cannot be understood! Just because a team can’t handle the changes we have to change the rules,” Marko told Kleine Zeitung. He says there’s not much to think about to find the solution. “You just have to lift the car and you’re done.”

Mercedes used the “safety” argument after the race in Baku. However, Red Bull believes that if drivers don’t feel comfortable in the car, they should simply increase the height of the bolide, even losing performance. Marko said it was just a matter of choice and added that there was no need for the FIA ​​to check additional rules.

The Austrian team will likely be less affected than Ferrari and Mercedes. Opponents bounce a lot more, so they show up on the FIA’s radar when measuring how often the jumps occur. If a certain threshold is exceeded, they will need to adjust the height to make the car less dangerous for the drivers.

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