Old man from Rio thrills when he appears to Tadeu for the first time and makes a beautiful statement: “Neto do amor”

Velho do Rio and Tadeu face to face in the soap opera Pantanal
Velho do Rio and Tadeu have an exciting meeting in Pantanal, Globo’s nine o’clock soap opera (Photo: Montage)

In wetlandGlobo’s 9 pm soap opera, the Old Man from Rio (Osmar Prado) will finally appear for Thaddeus (Jose Loreto). The scene will be one of the most emotional in the plot. On the occasion, the man who becomes an anaconda, the largest of them all, will tell the young man that he is his “grandson of the heart” in the serial adapted by Bruno Luperi.

It all starts when the farmhand decides to leave the farm after discovering that he is not the blood son of Zé Leôncio (Marcos Palmeira). Devastated, he will take his horse and leave without a destination. However, in the middle of the way, the Old Man of the River will appear for him and the two will have a beautiful conversation.

“I heard him [Zé Leôncio] talking more to the mother in the kitchen. I also heard when the mother said that you told Juma [Alanis Guillen] that I’m not your grandson”, says Tadeu. “I was talking about blood, not of ‘love’. Of course ‘you’ is my grandson!”, the Old Man will reply.

“But how can I be his grandson, if I’m not his ‘thread’?”will ask the young man. “And who said that ‘you’ is not his ‘thread’?”, the veteran will insist. “I don’t have the same blood as him, ‘old man’. I’m a ‘thread’ of ‘muie’ from currutela, who doesn’t even know who my father is”, will hit the pawn.


After that, the Old Man of the River will insist on him being his grandson of the heart. “I already told you and I’ll say it again: I’m not talking about blood, I’m talking about love! I heard ‘you’ playing his horn, saying goodbye to him. That’s when I saw that ‘you’ is my grandson, yes, because I’m the only one who plays the horn like that”, answer to. “‘You’ couldn’t have gotten a ‘mió’ father in this life”, will complete the experienced, referring to Zé Leôncio.

Soon after, the old man will ask his grandson to go to his house and tell his father about the conversation the two had. Excited, José Loreto’s character will do so.

“He told me that I am his grandson, father. That I am the grandson of love”, the boy will say, smiling. “You have always been my son, since ‘titico’, since childhood”Leôncio will respond, giving the heir a tight hug, in scenes that will air soon.

It is worth noting that wetland it’s a novel of Benedito Ruy Barbosa, aired – originally – in 1990, on the extinct Rede Manchete. This year, the plot is being adapted by Bruno Luperi and aired on TV Globo.

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