Only 19 teams remain to join forces against Palmeiras – 06/18/2022 – Juca Kfouri

The advantage in points is still not scary, only three separate the leader Palmeiras from the vice-leader Corinthians, nor is alviverde football as flashy as Flamengo, champion in 2019 with their feet on their backs.

However, the difference in the table only tends to grow, and on the pitch it is more and more pleasant to see Palmeiras play.

If Abel Ferreira is much better in interviews than his fellow countryman Jorge Jesus, if he contributes more critically than his Lusitanian colleague, his team, without the stars that Flamengo had and still has, is going to go down in history, in addition to the titles it won and still must win, for the football they are playing.

The grumpy ones will say that making 4-2 at home at Atlético Goianiense, one of the rabeiras, is far from justifying praise or enthusiasm.

It could be, but it looks like Palmeiras has been undefeated for 18 games, with 14 wins, and the comeback against Goiás deserves to look beyond the score.

Because the 1-0 of the visitors in Luan’s own goal, the result of three consecutive errors by the defender in an unusual move, had everything to destabilize any insecure or immature team. Everything Palmeiras is not.

What was seen was the opposite.

Cool head, warm heart, in seven minutes alviverde scored four goals and reminded Germany at Mineirão.

Well, columnist, what an exaggeration, the rare reader and the rare reader can say, especially those who are not from Palmeiras.

Perhaps, in fact, the comparisons are hasty and exaggerated, but, let’s see.

Take Round 12, the last one before the current weekend.

Atlético Mineiro was pale 0 to 0 with Ceará, true that in Fortaleza and, they will say, with reason, the contestants, with the team that made 3 to 2 in Palmeiras, in São Paulo, in the first round.

Flamengo, thanks to the return of Dom Arrascaeta, finally won, but the weak Cuiabá, and Maracanã, by 2 to 0.

Galo and Mengo, as we know, were (are?) the candidates for the triangle with Palmeiras.

Already the vice-leader Corinthians, with the victory practically won in Curitiba, delivered the tie, 1 to 1, to Athletico Paranaense.

São Paulo, against whom Palmeiras will play this Monday (20), at Morumbi, is only strong at home, because away they don’t win against anyone – and even took Botafogo out of five games fast, after being defeated, at Nilton Santos, 1-0.

Yes, Inter is growing, Mano Menezes seems to be a good fit for the Rio Grande do Sul team, but, frankly, does anyone believe it could threaten Alviverde hegemony?

There is only one attitude left for the 19 teams that compete (and here they compete, it’s almost a way of saying it) with Palmeiras: establish that alviverde is the opponent to be beaten and join all forces with this objective, agreeing that taking down Goliath is equivalent to win the Holy Grail.

Or, then, conclude that the Palmeiras championship is different, and fight to stay between second and sixth places, in search of a spot in Libertadores, never among the last four.

Because, for the time being, Palmeiras is left and most opponents collapse.

Seven times

Easier than anticipated, the Golden State Warriors are seven-time NBA champions, and Stephen Curry, the finals MVP.

pain and anger

Yes, here is a place to deal, predominantly, with sport.

But the murders of Bruno Pereira and Dom Phillips leave the same bitterness that left those of Vladimir Herzog and Manoel Fiel Filho.

Let it not be in vain, as it was not in 1975.

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