Paolla Oliveira leaves intimate tattoos on display in new bikini photos

Paolla Oliveira showed two more of his “secret tattoos”. After displaying the word “destiny” written on her biceps, the actress left two more on display in new photos on social media.

in the images, Paolla appears in a holographic blue bikini and playing with a sarong. “I dance, you dance…”, wrote the actress in the caption of the image. In them, you can see two tattoos: a letter P and an infinity symbol tattooed on the actress’ rib.

+ Paolla Oliveira and Diogo Nogueira exchange passionate looks, kiss and drive the audience crazy in a show.

The tattoo with the letter “P” is in reference to Paolla’s stage name. In fact, the actress is called Caroline Paola Oliveira da Silva and adopted “Paolla Oliveira” as her stage name in 2005.

+ Paolla Oliveira appears in a romantic photo with Diogo Nogueira.

What are Paolla Oliveira’s tattoos?

In addition to those described above, Paolla Do you have other tattoos like a sun on the left footwhich was made on his 30th birthday, and means “energizes and invigorates”. feather drawingwhich is located on your rib.

+ Paolla Oliveira updates relationship status with Diogo Nogueira.

“The feather appears in several religions and is linked to power, spirituality, leadership, ancient writings and, as a consequence, wisdom. I find myself in search of these elements a lot, mainly for wisdom and spirituality. I think it is suitable to register this moment of my life”, said the actress in an interview with “Estilo”.

Paolla also has the number 5 tattooed on her hand, representing her lucky number.

Paolla Oliveira makes revelation about motherhood

After cheering from the public, Paolla Oliveira and Diogo Nogueira confessed their desire to increase their family. Together for a year, the artists admitted that having children is, yes, in the couple’s plans! The statements were given in an interview with the section “Ela”, of the newspaper O Globo.

My parents still don’t have grandchildren. I already said that my brother will give it first… But we will also give it, I feel this vibration around me“, confessed Paula.

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