Playboy Secrets Reveals Hugh Hefner’s Rotten Side

A&E Documentary Series Shows That The Playboy Mansion’s Dream World And The Bunny’s Glamorous Life Was Actually A Nightmare

Since its launch in 1953, the magazine playboy populated the male imagination with provocative essays by beautiful girls. For women, Hugh Hefner’s (1926-2017) mansion was a dream setting, with parties, lots of drinking and lively people. But all this perfect environment hid a rotten side: the bunnies were drugged and raped by the magazine’s founder or his friends, and often ended up silenced or had their sanity questioned.

Dirt swept under the rug for decades comes to light in the docuseries Playboy Secrets, which the A&E channel premieres this Sunday (19), at 10 pm. Over the course of 12 episodes, which will air over six weekends, director Alexandra Dean pulls back the curtain on the dream world and reveals the rot Hefner wanted so badly to hide.

“It’s not cool to burst the bubble, but it’s necessary. The Playboy Mansion was like Las Vegas: what happens there, stays there. In theory, it was an amusement park for adults where people could have fun. And if that were 100% true, I wouldn’t have a problem. If everyone had consensual fun, could leave their worries at the door and spend fun times inside, I would be the first to applaud”, says Alexandra in conversation with the Tangerine.

“The problem is that it wasn’t quite like that. Many girls were being destroyed inside. A few in positions of power enjoyed themselves, while others were treated like animals. In fact, animals shouldn’t be treated that way. So sometimes you have to pop that pretty glittery bubble to explain that if not everyone is having fun, it’s not really fun. That’s not how things work. Not in today’s world, at least.”

The 12 episodes of Playboy Secrets feature testimonials from models who have been on the cover and in the magazine’s contents, as well as names like Holly Madison, one of Hefner’s many ex-girlfriends and who starred in the reality show The Girls from the Playboy Mansion (2005). -2009) alongside Bridget Marquardt and Kendra Wilkinson – who were also related to the businessman at the time.

Miki Garcia in Playboy Secrets

Miki Garcia Is One Of The Former Playmates Who Opens Up About Playboy Mansion Dirt

Disclosure / A&E

In the documentary, Holly admits that she didn’t see the lifestyle propagated by the Playboy owner as something negative at the time, but that now she can see how blind and manipulated she was by her then-boyfriend, 53 years older than her. The blonde goes so far as to describe the whole situation as Stockholm syndrome – one in which an abductee empathizes with his attacker.

Miki Garcia, playmate from January 1973 and who after the sensual rehearsal took over as director of Playboy’s Promotions, not only agrees with Holly Madison’s claims but compares Hugh to a cult leader. “We didn’t know much about cults at the time, but he had all the characteristics. Hefner had complete control over you, over your attitudes, over your finances. It defined how you should act, what you should say, who you could talk to,” she tells the report.

As it was Hefner who defined which of the women would be the playmate of the month and who would be elevated to the playmate of the year, they all wanted to please him in order to land a prominent position in Playboy, with the hope of using the magazine to start a career in entertainment. “But I don’t think any of them knew exactly what they were getting into. There was a lot of pressure from executives for them to do certain acts. They said, ‘Listen, this is how it is. If you don’t, you’re out and you’re going to lose everything,’” Miki recalls.

Miki and Alexandra recount that Hefner doped the women at the Playboy Mansion with Quaalude (methaqualone), cocaine and a lot of booze. Afterwards, he or his guests would sexually abuse his victims, threatening to end their lives if any of them decided to speak up. “I couldn’t even cast some of them for certain events because the drugs made them look sick, as if they were decomposing. Hugh Hefner created a path of destruction, and everyone who crossed his path got along very badly,” says Miki.

After Playboy Secrets aired in the United States, Alexandra received many messages from people who said they were shocked by the series’ revelations. However, she criticizes that the magazine is still on the rise in the country. Rapper Cardi B has been appointed as the publication’s new creative director, drawing the interest of a younger generation to the sensual rehearsals.

“Some brands put the Playboy bunny on their products, so they’re doing pretty well financially, they’re still selling. I think we have a very big battle ahead of us to reveal everything that really happened inside and to take away some of that fascination that the bunny brings”, concludes the director.

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