Player criticized in Flamengo receives proposal and can leave Dorival’s team: “You can take it”


Player came as a bet at the time, but never got approval from the crowd

Agif/Gabriel Machado - Flamengo fans celebrate proposal by Dorival player
© 1594, Machado – Flamengo fans celebrate proposal by Dorival player

Flamengo is willing to change negative results from inside the field. with the arrival of Scallionthe termination of Isla and other movements in the European market, the Club shows signs that the roster renewal is being performed. If the arrival of the ex-Grêmio striker has already moved the red-black crowd, the possible The departure of another athlete can make a lot of people happy.

With the last victory, against Cuiabá, the team from Rio de Janeiro jumped from 15th place to 10th. Dissatisfied with the recent defeats, the stands at Maracanã were protesting against players and managers. If the football played was not pleasing, the market movements, however, excite the flamenguistas. The arrival of Everton Cebolinha, and negotiations with Montiel and Vidal, are just some of the news that fans approved. This time, one more deal can be celebrated.

That’s because the defender Léo Pereira can leave Flamengo. The player attracted interest from the Mexican team Léon, which intends to hire him on loan, with the right to pay the athlete’s salary. The contract also includes purchase optionaround BRL 25 million, with the completion of the loan in one year. The information is from journalists Emanuelle Ribeiro and Fred Gomes, from

The player came in 2020, as a bet of Jorge Jesus. At the time, performances by Athletico Paranaense caught the attention of Mister, who asked the club for the defender. Flamengo paid around R$27 Mi for the athlete, who lived constant crisis with the stands of Maracanã. On the internet, fans of team jwill celebrate and ask to leave by Leo Pereira. The reporting team also reported that Luiz Claudio and Kleberson Silva, from VLKsports, were the intermediaries, taking the offer to Flamengo.

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