Profile announces death of Gui Pagnoncelli in Bahia; hospital says patient was discharged

The profile of the influencer from Alagoas Gui Pagnoncelli, announced the death of the influencer this Saturday (18). At the age of 32, he claimed to be admitted to the Teresa De Lisieux Hospital, in Bahia, where he would have died. The hospital unit denied the information this afternoon.

“The hospital informs that there was no care for the patient Gui Pagnoncelli at the Teresa de Lisieux Hospital, in Salvador (BA). note.

The posts informing the death are kept in the air by the influencer. It provides a link to followers for more wake and burial information. The link, however, does not provide such information.

“It is with deep regret that we inform you that our warrior left us today. He fought with all his strength, but God’s plans were different”, says the publication published on the influencer’s social networks. On Instagram, he has more than 500,000 followers.

Gui became known for using social media as an outlet to report his daily life with cancer. The influencer made several “kitties” to collect values ​​that, according to him, would be used for surgery.

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