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Brazil took 3rd place in the PUBG Nations Cup 2022, a PUBG championship between countries that ended this Sunday in Bangkok, Thailand. After 20 falls played over four days, the Brazilian team added 177 points and was behind only the United Kingdom (203) and Vietnam (177) in the general classification – the Vietnamese won the tiebreaker, with more points of placement (78 against 65). For the campaign, Brazilians will be entitled to a prize of US$ 50 thousand (R$ 258 thousand). As champions, the British earned US$ 100,000 (R$ 515,000).

Players from Brazil receive awards for 3rd place in the PUBG Nations Cup 2022 – Photo: Reproduction

The Brazilian team was made up of Pedro “sparkingg” (YAHO), Erick “Haven” (22), Hailton “vhz” (A Creche) and Lucas “lfp1” (A Creche). Guilherme “rbNN1” (A Crèche) served as coach.

PUBG Nations Cup 2022 Final Leaderboard

Brazil had its best day on Friday, when it scored two WWCDs and slept in the lead. On Saturday, the quartet had a fickle performance and, even reaching the fourth WWCD in the tournament, was eventually overtaken by the United Kingdom. This Sunday, in the last five falls of the competition, the selection was average and had as its best result a 6th place in round 18, in Miramar.

Brazil at PUBG Nations Cup 2022

Round (Map)Positionslaughter
1 (Erangel)48
2 (Erangel)140
3 (Erangel)17
4 (Miramar)two7
5 (Miramar)58
6 (Miramar)114
7 (Miramar)123
8 (Miramar)116
9 (Erangel)93
10 (Erangel)57
11 (Erangel)140
12 (Erangel)110
13 (Erangel)110
14 (Miramar)35
15 (Miramar)16two
16 (Miramar)85
17 (Miramar)140
18 (Miramar)69
19 (Erangel)84
20 (Erangel)114

Sparkingg at the PUBG Nations Cup for Brazil — Photo: Disclosure

The PUBG Nations Cup 2022 was the second edition of the championship between countries and marks the best campaign in Brazil. The first edition was the PUBG Nations Cup 2019, in which the Brazilian team was only in 13th place. The cast had Andrey “and1FPS”, Ricardo “Rdnx”, Alan “Rustyzera”, Igor “rogiw0w” and coach Lucas “Nananga”.

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