Result of + Millionaire 04; see the numbers drawn this Saturday

THE Cashier draw this Saturday (18) the contest 04 da + millionairemore Brazil’s new lottery. The prize is R$ 10 million for those who match six tens and two lucky clovers. The draw is held at Espaço Loterias da Caixa, in São Paulo.

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Result of + Millionaire 04

– 33, 23, 25, 47, 06 and 34.

Lucky Clovers: 01 and 02.

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how to bet

A + Millionaire is a different lottery, where you choose 6 numbers in the field consisting of 50 and also choose 2 numbered clovers in the space containing 6 options. You can also let the system choose the numbers for you (Surpresinha) and/or continue with your game for up to 5 consecutive contests (Teimosinha).

The draws take place weekly, on Saturdays from 20:00. The minimum bet, 6 numbers plus 2 clovers, costs R$ 6.

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The gross premium corresponds to 43.35% of the collection. From this percentage, 5% will be deducted for the composition of the premium guarantee reserve. If there is no winner in tier 1 (main prize with 6 hits + 2 clovers), the values ​​accumulate for the next contest, in the respective award tier. Be sure to check your betting slip.

In case there is no winning bet in bands 2 to 5, the amounts are distributed among the winning bets in the band immediately below. If there is no winner in tier 6 (4 hits + 1 or no clover) the values ​​accumulate for the next contest, in the main prize tier.

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