Rodrigo Santoro says he was rejected by the public for his role as a transvestite in ‘Carandiru’: ‘It was very difficult’ | TV & Famous

on the eve of Brazilian Film Day, Altas Horas this Saturday, 6/18, brought together a team of actors in the program dedicated to the seventh art. Rodrigo Santoro was one of the guests.

With 51 films under his belt in a 22-year career, the actor recalled an emblematic character: the transvestite Lady Di, from the award-winning feature “Carandiru” (2003). In the story, she marries the nurse Sem Chance, played by Gero Camilo.

Rodrigo Santoro says he suffered prejudice for having lived a transvestite in ‘Carandiru’ – Photo: Globo/Disclosure

In a conversation with Serginho Groisman, Santoro said that at the time of the film’s release he was rejected by the public, because of the role.

“It is a very emblematic work in my journey. When it debuted, I went to the cinema to see people’s reactions. I was told that some were leaving at the time of Lady Di’s wedding. I don’t think they could handle it, maybe because I’ve worked in television for so long… So I saw at least 20 people coming out of the cinema.”

“In that sense, it was very difficult, also because of the issue of the TV heartthrob, and jokes… We are talking about 2002, it was in another world… It was a challenge that I faced with great respect, I did a lot of research, but it was repulsive. I dealt with it all and it was not easy, but I am very proud of this work. It was very, very strong”, commented Santoro.

Rodrigo Santoro and Gero Camilo in ‘Carandiru’ — Photo: Reproduction/IMDb

He also mentioned some international actors he has played opposite: Jim Carrey, Will Smith and Cameron Diaz are among the Brazilian artist’s co-workers.

Rodrigo Santoro at ‘Altas Horas’ about national cinema — Photo: Globo/Disclosure

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