Sachsida awaits Bolsonaro’s approval to send Petrobras privatization | Economy

Adolfo Sachsida, Minister of Mines and Energy
Disclosure / Ministry of Mines and Energy

Adolfo Sachsida, Minister of Mines and Energy

The Minister of Mines and Energy, Adolfo Sachsida, already has a project to privatize Petrobras ready to send to Congress, but he is awaiting the approval of President Jair Bolsonaro, reports GLOBO columnist Lauro Jardim.

According to the text, the company would be sold along the lines of Eletrobras, in the capitalization model.

The government believes that the fuel adjustment improves the perception of the idea of ​​privatizing the company.

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Petrobras announced this Friday (17) a new adjustment in fuel prices. As of today, gasoline at refineries will rise from R$3.86 to R$4.06 per liter, an increase of 5.18%. With diesel, the price per liter will rise from R$ 4.91 to R$ 5.61, which is equivalent to a 14.26% readjustment.

Bolsonaro participated this Saturday (18) in a cult in Manaus and declared “war on Petrobras”. The Chief Executive promised that the National Congress will approve a CPI to investigate the company on Monday (20) for successive increases in fuel prices.

“Everyone here is feeling the weight of inflation. Fuels, they are already aware of the war we are ‘tracing’. Yesterday I spoke with the government leader and the mayor so that we could open a CPI on Monday (20), let’s go inside Petrobras”, he declared.

On Friday, Petrobras shares fell 6% on the Stock Exchange, losing R$28 billion in market value. Investors were frightened by the political reaction after the readjustment, with promises of CPI and demand for the end of the PPI (Price in Import Parity), promoted by truck drivers and left-wing politicians.

Bolsonaro said that on Monday (20), when the commission is installed, the company “will lose another R$30 billion”

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