Seven are killed in confrontation with police in Águas Claras

Seven suspects were killed after a confrontation with police in the neighborhood of Águas Claras. The exchange of fire, which took place on Saturday afternoon (18), scared the residents of the neighborhood.

According to the Military Police, the police received reports of armed men in a forested region in the locality of Condor. There, they found a group, which shot at the teams.

After the shooting, the police found eight wounded men. They were rescued to the Eládio Lasserre Hospital, seven of which could not resist the injuries, and one was medicated and sent to the DHPP.

Teams from the 3rd, 47th and 50th companies participated in the operation, with the support of garrisons from the Shock Police Battalion (BPChq), the Air Group (Graer), Operation Gêmeos and the Independent Tactical Police Company (CIPT) Rondesp Central.

According to the police, five revolvers were found with the group, three of which were 38 caliber (one with a scratched number), four pistols, two of which were 9mm caliber, one .40 and one 380 (three with suppressed numbering), two magazines for weapons of fire, 9mm, .40 and 38 caliber ammunition, 188 ecstasy pills, 90 LSD candies, 341 pins of cocaine, 110 bottles of perfume launcher, 16 portions of hashish and 52 portions of marijuana, plus a colored balaclava black.

The seized material was sent to the PMBA Internal Affairs, where the occurrence was registered.

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