Shein puts into practice different front policy between iOS and Android

Shein app users noticed a difference when purchasing free shipping on purchases. While people transacting through the iPhone had to spend more, those with other cell phone models were subject to other conditions.

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Those who bought using the iOS system had to make a minimum purchase of R$49 and users of the Android system, R$29. The considerable change generated some doubts and soon went viral on social media in a tone of controversy, with complaints on TikTok that exceeded 1 million views.

The controversy over the practice of different shipping policies was resolved after a response from Shein

The rationale for this differentiation was that operating costs change according to the sales channel. To buy on the computer, the value remains R$49 and this does not affect the price of items provided in the e-commerce that makes weekly collections launches.

One of the complaints highlights a possible violation of the Consumer Code, due to the lack of clarity in the delivery policy. The company quickly issued a statement justifying the action, and that each one is responsible for choosing to use a certain means to guarantee discounts.

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