Simaria delivers shocking details about the end of her marriage

Simaria reveals unprecedented details about the end of her marriage (Image: Reproduction / YouTube – Metrópoles)

the interview of simariaof the pair with Simone, to journalist Leo Dias was released on Wednesday (15). In the conversation, the singer made great revelations about her professional and personal life.

Among the subjects, the artist opened the game and told details of the end of her marriage with the Spaniard Vicente Escrig. She reported that after 14 years together, she lost her admiration for her ex-husband. “I’ve lost the admiration, you know when you look and… too many different lives”said.

The absence of the entrepreneur in decisions at home would also have been one of the biggest reasons. “Instead of him doing this part of the house, he didn’t help me, I did everything. But there came a time when I said: ‘what is this guy doing here?’ and started watching. I spent 10 months looking”scored.

“The love I felt had already died, everything I felt, since the trip from Spain that I went to rest. I went out and looked at the gestures, attitudes and said: ‘man, this is not what I want for myself’, then I came back from Spain decided”added Simaria.

Simaria revealed that her final decision came after a Valentine’s Day dinner

The star said that after a dinner on Valentine’s Day, she was sure of the decision she was going to make. “You know when you sit at the table and don’t recognize the person who was sitting? I came back from the restaurant focused on my songs and saying, ‘My decision is already made’”he said.

“When I got to my house, he stopped the car and said, ‘Anything I say now won’t do any more.’ I said: ‘surely, the only certainty I have in my life is that I don’t want you anymore’sentenced the artist.

Simaria also revealed that the first separation happened while she was pregnant with her second child, 6-year-old Pawel. With Vicente, the singer is also the mother of 9-year-old Giovanna.

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