Simaria’s ex-husband was the subject of legal action to leave the singer’s house, says columnist – É Hit

The singer simariafrom the duo with Simone, went to court to request the estrangement from your ex-husbandthe Spanish Vicente Escrig, From home. The information is from Leo Dias’ column, in Metrópoles.

According to information from the process, which runs in secret from Justice, Simaria opened the action in 2021, after Vicente refused to leave the couple’s property. They announced their separation in August of last year. In the document, she also asks for custody and the establishment of visits for her ex, who is the father of her two children.

Still in the process, obtained by Leo Dias, the singer informed that she ate her meals in her room, because she was afraid of Vicente. According to her, he practiced psychological violence. Recently, the singer announced a break in her career after public disagreements with her sister Simone on stage, during a show in Caruaru, Pernambuco, on the 11th of this month.

The journalist does not say which property the action deals with, given that the singer has residences in Brazil and even abroad, such as in Spain, the former partner’s homeland.

In his defense, the Spaniard claims that he did not leave the residence because he is the person responsible for taking care of the couple’s children, as he does not agree to delegate the duties to nannies and employees of the artist while she dedicates herself to music. He also reinforces that he left his business career to focus on his children.

In addition, he uses lines spoken by Simaria during a presentation at the Multishow award, in 2017, to try to show the agreement between the two about the care of children.

On the occasion, Simaria thanked her then husband for the support.

“I want to thank my husband, Vicente, who never appears, is always hidden, a man of integrity, honest, intelligent. I have no words to say how much I am in love with him. If I had known him now, I would have fallen in love with you. I also owe that to you, who looked at me and Simone and said: ‘You have to follow the path, because you are too good, you can’t stay here.’ Vincent in the process.

The report contacted the advice of sisters Simone and Simaria and is awaiting a position.

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