Steals wires and almost killed by order of drug dealer in Esmeraldas – Gerais

After escaping his executioners, thief
After escaping from his executioners, a thief seeks out the Military Police and makes up a story (photo: PMMG)

The arrest of two suspected drug traffickers in the Melo Viana neighborhood, in Esmeraldas, Greater BH, is the Civil Police’s trump card in finding the head of drug trafficking in the region, and thus being able to close the mouth of smoke. his.

The prisoners are between 15 and 18 years old and were captured by the police after the man who was to be executed, Cicero Oliveira, 30, managed to escape his ‘executioners’ and seek the Military Police.

It all started with a theft of cables and copper wires made by Ccero, in Bairro Melo Viana, which left the region without internet. The lack of signal would have irritated the local traffic chief, who then determined the death of the thief.

The two young men were put in charge of the execution. They took Ccero in his car, a Corsa, in Bairro Vianinha, where he would have gone to meet his girlfriend. They then took the hostage to BR-040 at dawn.

He was tied up and had been placed in the back seat of the vehicle. He was taken to a thicket and beaten. One shot was fired, according to Ccero.

At the distraction of the two men, he managed to free himself and ran away, going to look for the Military Police, who found him on the street. To the police, he told that he had been robbed and surrendered. However, with the arrest of the two thieves, they told what was happening, unmasking Cicero, who was also arrested.

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