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Next week Brazil enters its coldest season. Winter is coming and you don’t have to be careless to keep in good shape and well-being always up to date. Therefore, investing in health in winter should be even more present than in the rest of the entire year.

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Take care of your health in winter

If you already find it difficult to leave the house and go for walks or go to the gym in the summer, you tend to be even more “lazy” in the cold. So one of the ways to take care of your health in winter is to start training by apps.

In addition, there are also several program options that can help improve food and various other health care in winter. However, none of the options on the list was designed exclusively for use on cold days.

Check out more details and find out which are the 10 apps that can help you take better care of your health in winter.

10 great apps to stay healthy in winter

Check out a list of 10 good app options that will help you stay healthy in winter without leaving home. After all, it is not easy to abandon the warmth of home to face the low temperatures of the season on the streets or at the gym.

List of apps to keep healthy in winter:

  1. Nike Trainin Club;
  2. Home Workout;
  3. MFI Personal;
  4. Adidas Training;
  5. Freeletics;
  6. Daily Yoga;
  7. Seven;
  8. Weburn;
  9. Daily Burn;
  10. Just Dance Now.

Remember that all these apps work based on professional advice, scientific knowledge and safe procedures. However, do not hesitate to seek specialist care if your health conditions require more attention.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that most of the programs listed can be used for free. Still, there are subscription and payment options to access more training possibilities and other exclusive services.

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