The vegan and environmental city sued by McDonald’s

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Houses on the Neckar River in Tübingen

Credit, Westend61 / Getty Images

In southwest Germany, nestled between the Swabian Alps and the densely wooded Schönbuch nature park, is Tübingen, a university town that would put most Disney scenes to shame.

The town is built around the almost perfectly preserved old town, with its cobblestone alleys, old wooden houses and undulating canals. (While the historic centers of most German cities were destroyed during World War II, only one bomb fell on Tübingen.)

The Neckar River flows through the center of the city, forming a small island — Neckarinsel — which is covered in flowers in spring and glows golden in autumn.

Tübingen is in Swabia, a German region famous for its frugality — and which is also one of the sunniest spots in the country, making it considerably happier than other parts that have a more cloudy and rainy climate.

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