These 5 items from your car will be extinct soon; see which ones!

As the years go by, the items of the vast majority of vehicles are being changed and updated. If you are under 30, for example, it is possible that you have never had the experience of pulling a drowned man. In fact, chances are you don’t even know what it was or what it was for.

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This is because, as time progresses, manufacturers will innovating their automobiles, so some items end up falling into disuse, which is precisely what happened to the air-cooled engine and the famous carburetor.

The windbreak, for example, was the resource used to ventilate the interior of cars in cities where the climate was warmer, thus saving air conditioning (when it was available). There were even protests against its end.

What is happening at the moment is that there are some other items that are about to be extinct, that is, they will no longer be part of many current vehicles. Check out below the list we prepared with the main elements that are very close to falling into disuse.

1- Traction at the rear

The first item that we separate here and that is about to stop being implemented in cars, as well as the carburetor and the windbreak, is the rear traction.

What actually happens is that rear-wheel drive was mandatory for a while; however, over the years, this has become less and less talked about and necessary. That’s why brands like BMW and Mercedes Benz have identified more with front-only traction on their latest models.

2- Analog panel

Second is the analog panel. Because? Well, the screens have come and gone with force, promising to be cheaper in relation to the cost of production, in addition, they bring various configurations visuals that allow better management of the car.

3- Manual transmission

The manual transmission is also another item that is about to leave the composition of the cars of the near future. Today, in fact, manual transmissions are more common in entry-level cars, however they are about to lose their place to transmissions. automatic.

4- Large aspirated engines

Fourthly, another automotive element that we have separated and that is about to fall into disuse along with the others are the large aspirated engines.

Some vehicles, such as the Camaro and the RAM 1500, have large naturally aspirated V8 engines, which provide a much more interesting drive, but the forecast is that there will be no more room for this type of engine in the future.

According to expectations market, the engines will be smaller, with half the cylinder and half the displacement, but which will still be able to deliver the same torque when supercharged by a turbo or a compressor. Cool, huh?

5-Bodies on vehicles other than pickup trucks and SUV’s

Finally, another item that is about to be dispensed with is the bodywork of vehicles, as long as they are not pickup trucks and SUVs. Just as station wagons were in the past, sedans and hatchbacks are about to be left behind, especially in mid-range cars.

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