Three people die and others are injured after being hit by a runaway truck in Crato – Ceará

One runaway truck ran over a group of people who were on a street around 7 pm this Friday (17) in the Dom Quintino district, in the city of Crato, in the interior of Ceará.

The report found on the spot that three people died and at least 11 were injured, according to police information. In a note released this Saturday (18), the Secretary of Public Security and Social Defense (SSPDS) reported that 8 people were affected, among them the three who died. In addition to pedestrians, houses and cars were hit by the vehicle. (Watch the video above)

The Mobile Emergency Care Service (Samu) said that it sent three ambulances to the scene, which helped 5 people and that another 6 were rescued by people. All in a stable state, but three with potential risk. Among the victims, one 1 year oldwhich also remains stable, out of risk.

Samu also reported that the three people with the most serious injuries, two men, one 18 and the other 55, and a 50-year-old woman, were taken to the Cariri Regional Hospital (HRC), in Juazeiro do Norte. , for medical care.

wrecked car

Subtitle: Car destroyed after being hit by truck

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Witnesses reported that the truck driver lost control on a street and hit people. The Fire Department and Samu were called and sent teams to the scene of the accident, which is in the rural area of ​​the city.

Among the victims who died, two were identified as Maria Correia de Araújo and Celso Algesio Ferreira Silva.

Driver fled the scene

As determined by the Northeast Diary, the driver fled the scene. The vehicle’s license plate is from Limoeiro do Norte and the Police already have information about the driver’s characteristics.

Teams are on the streets making approaches in an attempt to find him. As the road is the only access to Fortaleza, one side is closed and there is a queue of vehicles awaiting release.

Mayor cancels city’s anniversary schedule

The city hall of Crato also reported that, due to the serious accident, the schedule of celebrations alluding to the city’s anniversary – FestCrato 258 years – was canceled this Friday (17).

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