Truck drivers’ leader says ‘strike is the most likely (measure)’

Wallace Landim speaks directly
Truckers leader Wallace Landim, aka Choro, indicates which category can go on strike (photo: Reproduction Social Networks)

Truck drivers reacted with the threat of strike and mobilization against the government of Jair Bolsonaro (PL) after the announcement of a new high in the price of diesel by Petrobras, this Friday (17/6). One of the best-known leaders in the category, Wallace Landim, aka Choro, said that “the strike is the most likely” reaction against the price parity policy practiced by Petrobras.

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Choro was one of those responsible for the stoppage of truck drivers in 2018, with strong mobilization in the Midwest and Southeast of the country. “The truth is that, one way or another, if this cruel Petrobras price policy continues, the country will stop again. If not for a strike, it will be for the fact of being paid to work. A strike is most likely,” the note reads.

The reaction comes after the Petrobras Board of Directors announced a percentage increase of 5.18% for gasoline, and 14.26% for diesel, valid from Saturday (6/18). The readjustment, however, was criticized by President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) this Friday morning.

“Defend the indefensible”

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President of the National Front in Defense of Autonomous and Celetista Truck Drivers, deputy Nereu Crispim (PSD-RS), said that the president seeks to conceal political decisions in the context of Petrobras. “Bolsonaro still wants to take the responsibility off your shoulders, that’s a blatant lie, since the solution is in your pen.”

The director of the National Confederation of Transport and Logistics Workers (CNTTL), Carlos Alberto Litti Dahmer, stated that the president aims to deceive the population with postings that are critical of the increase. “He talks as if the government is against the increase and can’t do anything,” he commented. “Only those who idolize the president can defend the indefensible. Words are lacking to define who has a practice completely separate from speech”, he pointed out.

For Gilson Chequeto, CEO of Lincros, one of the largest startups in the logistics sector in Brazil, the impact on the institutional budget is about to be passed on to the final consumer.

“Some of our customers transact R$20 million in freight per month. The financial impact of this increase in fuel is often not passed on to the final customer, strangling the carrier’s margin. This makes us wonder how long carriers will be able to hold on to these costs”, he commented.

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