Two people die after boat capsizes in Capitólio (MG)

Two people died in the early evening of Saturday (18), after a boat capsized in Lake Furnas, in the region known as Cachoeirinha, in Capitólio (MG).

According to information from Ameg (Public Association of Municipalities of the Middle Rio Grande Microregion), the victims were in a boat that overturned during the rescue of passengers who were in a boat adrift.

The entity did not disclose the names of the dead, but reported that they are a woman from the city of Paraguaçu (MG) and a man, from Guarulhos (SP).

The boat, with ten passengers, met the boat, with 14 people, which had mechanical problems when the accident occurred.

The vessel could not withstand the weight of the passengers being transferred and capsized. The two victims were unable to get out of the water. All others were rescued with only minor injuries.

The mayor of Capitólio, Cristiano Silva, and members of the Municipal Health Department traveled to the region where they provided assistance to the victims and monitored the work of the firefighters, the Navy and the Technical Expert of the Civil Police.

“Our respect to the families bereaved in this accident. We have been working constantly to increase safety in the region. All vessels are required to provide enough life jackets for all passengers and crew,” said the mayor.

The accident comes just over five months after the tragedy that left ten dead, in January, as a result of the collapse of a canyon in Capitol.

In March, the Civil Police of Minas Gerais concluded the investigation of the case and announced that there were no indictments. Technical studies showed that the fall of the rock block in Lake Furnas occurred as a result of natural events, without the influence of human action.

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