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The LeoDias column exclusively revealed that Simaria has been fighting an intense legal battle with Vicente Escrig after the end of their marriage. In the lawsuit, the Spanish businessman claims that the singer has completely changed after fame and money and also reports that he abandoned his professional life to dedicate himself to his children to prevent them from being taken care of by third parties while the singer traveled around Brazil with her musical career. But after all, who is Vicente Escrig, how did he and Simaria meet and what did the businessman need to put aside to return to his family?

Simaria and Vicente met before the singer achieved national success and even before forming a duo with Simone. At the time, the sisters were leaving Frank Aguiar’s team to join the band Forró do Muído, where they stayed until 2012, when they started a career as a duo.


The first contact between Simaria and her now ex-husband was through social networks, through Orkut. The relationship only took off after the Spaniard appeared by surprise at a concert by the singer. It was Simone who met him from above the stage and caught her sister’s attention.

At the time, Vicente was living abroad and expressed his desire to come to Brazil to meet her. The singer, at first, was doubtful, until she was surprised to see him on the show.

Vicente is an entrepreneur specialized in digital marketing, with more than 14 years of dedication to a website creation company in several languages. In his profile on Linkedin, a social business network, the Spaniard describes himself as a “fast learner, versatile, flexible, a performer and always looking for new projects and challenges”.

In interviews, Simone’s sister even said that she admired the healthy way in which the Spaniard took the marriage.

The announcement of the end of the union of the two was made by the singer herself in August 2021. However, in an interview with the owner of this column a few days ago, Simaria revealed that the crisis in the relationship began much earlier.

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