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Published 06/18/2022 15:46

Rio – Wanessa Camargo and her father, Zezé di Camargo, participated in ‘Faustão na Band’, on Friday night. In the attraction, the two opened their hearts. Recently separated, the singer spoke about the end of her 17-year relationship with businessman Marcus Buaiz, ​​earlier this month, when asked by the presenter about the matter. “When Zezé separated, how was her conduct with her father. And now you separate, how is your father with you?”, asked Fausto Silva.

Awkwardly, Wanessa preferred to cite her parents’ separation. “In relation to my father, during the separation, I always tried to talk to him and be by his side. Never be on one side or the other. Son does not separate, so my relationship with them has always been very strong. Even now, during the pandemic, we are much closer than we have been in our entire lives. My mother was always closer to us, because my father traveled a lot, but after the separation he had to come back, if he didn’t call or show up, we wouldn’t see each other,” she commented.

Then, the singer said she understood more about her parents’ relationship after getting married and made it clear that her priority, at the moment, is her children, José Marcus, 10 years old, and João Francisco, 7. “When I got married, I understood that’s better. A marriage is between two people. If we manage to have maturity, affection, respect for all the history that we have always created, the children will deal with it in a calm way, which is my priority today. Taking care of my two It’s been more difficult for them than for me. Then I take care of myself”, he said.

‘The mother of my children will always be my family’

In the attraction, Zezé also did not miss the opportunity and reflected on his divorce from Zilu, in 2014, and that of his daughter, this year. “Separation is traumatic for everyone, because it’s a family. What I don’t accept is people saying that when a marriage ends, it’s saying that the couple destroyed the family. No! The family will always exist. The mother of my children will always be my family, she is no longer my wife, but she is my family. In these moments, the family even strengthens, because it needs to be more together. The family for me is the most important institution in the lives of human beings. Why not live well?”, he pointed out.

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