“We know what we are going to face”, says Cruzeiro coach about duel with Flu

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After Cruzeiro’s 2-0 victory over Ponte Preta, at Mineirão, last Thursday (16), for the 13th round of the Campeonato Brasileiro Série B, coach Paulo Pezzolano ‘turned the key’ for the team to Brazil’s Cup. Next Thursday (23), at 7 pm, Raposa will visit Fluminense, at Maracanã, in Rio de Janeiro, for the first leg of the round of 16 of the knockout tournament.

Pezzolano stated that it will be a very difficult confrontation against Tricolor. Even with the miners’ good phase in Serie B, the Uruguayan commander believes that Tricolor is the one who has the responsibility to win the duel.

– Fluminense has a lot of First Division players, and we know what we’re going to face, so we’ll have to run for every ball. We won’t have many scoring opportunities, because the opponent’s quality will put ours down. So, we will have to take advantage of every opportunity – he projected.

According to the coach, Raposa’s players will face the match as a real final, as well as all the games in the Second Division, which is the Uruguayan’s priority this season.

– We also know that this game is not the most important for Cruzeiro. I know the fans want to win, the club’s history goes against what I’m saying, but this is the reality of today. My focus is to get access to Serie A. However, that doesn’t mean we’re going to play, we’re going to play, we’re going to play a final – he concluded.

Finally, Paulo Pezzolano also listed the main differences between his style of play and that of Fernando Diniz, Fluminense’s coach.

– (Fernando) Diniz is a very good coach. Fluminense has a lot of game volume, ball possession volume and has many players close by. We tried to make the game more aggressive, more intense, more dynamic and vertical. He likes to have the ball and be patient. That’s the difference from one to the other – he concluded.

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