Well done, Jesus – 06/18/2022 – Antonio Prata

Let’s call things what they are. Bolsonaro saying that Bruno Pereira and Dom Phillips’ trip was an “unrecommended adventure” and that the English journalist was not “well regarded in the Javari region” means saying, in the face of their deaths: “Well done!”.

The two heroes risked their lives to save the Amazon, so they were murdered, quartered and charred by criminals. And what does the sociopath have to say? That they were wrong. That’s the situation we find ourselves in — and, unfortunately, it’s no surprise.

Jair Bolsonaro has already committed numerous crimes and will pay for them in jail, if not through Brazilian justice, through international courts, as happened with Slobodan Milosevic after the genocide in the Bosnian War. (In the “Srebrenica Massacre” around 8,500 people died: it is estimated that more than 100,000 Brazilians died as a result of federal sabotage in the fight against the pandemic, not to mention thousands more who, like Genivaldo, suffocated with tear gas in a vehicle, were and are victims of the police, encouraged daily by Bolsonaro to kill poor people and blacks).

But as I was saying: among the countless crimes committed by this animal is not electoral fraud. The wolf never wore sheep’s clothing.

In his speech a week before the election, via cell phone, on Paulista, he clearly stated that anyone who did not agree with his ideas should leave the country or go “to the edge of the beach”, that is, they would be murdered. (“Ponta da Praia” was the place where the Navy tortured and killed during the dictatorship).

He also told Clube Hebraica, during the campaign, that he would “end all activism” and would not demarcate a square meter of indigenous or quilombola land. Well, the murder of Dom Phillips and Bruno Pereira was not ordered by Bolsonaro, but it was stimulated by him: this is what he preaches and for that he has worked since he entered politics.

To say that journalist Dom Phillips was not “well regarded” in an area inhabited by criminals, Bolsonaro doesn’t know, is a compliment. It’s like saying that Marcelo Freixo is not well-regarded in Rio das Pedras, territory of the Rio de Janeiro militia (the Bolsonaro family’s electoral stronghold), that Martin Luther King was not well-regarded by white Texas farmers or that Jesus was not well-regarded. by the Romans. Indeed, it was “an ill-advised adventure” to preach love and justice in Galilee.

This week I listened to a beautiful episode of the “This American Life” podcast. (Thanks for the suggestion, Rachel). They are stories of children and their ways of thinking. (“Kids logic”, Ep. 605). In one of them, a father says that his four-year-old daughter wanted to know what Christmas was. He explained that it was the commemoration of the birth of Jesus. The girl was interested. The father explained what he knew, bought a children’s Bible, and for weeks Jesus was the girl’s favorite subject. (The only omitted part of the story was, well, the end).

One day, however, they passed a church and the girl saw Jesus on the cross. “Who is he?”. The sulky father told him it was Jesus and explained that his message was so radical that the Romans decided to kill him.

A month later, another holiday, “Martin Luther King Day”. The little girl wanted to know who it was. Her father explained: he was a preacher who brought the message that everyone should be treated the same. The girl was enlightened: “That’s what Jesus said!” Her father thought for a while. “True, it was.” The girl then clouded: “Did they kill him too?”.

In October we will have, on one side, 11 candidates for president, on the other, Pontius Pilate. On one side, Bruno and Dom, on the other, their assassins. It doesn’t seem like a very difficult choice to me.

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