what is the difference between these cards?

If you have or intend to have a credit card, you have probably heard of the different categories they can have: standard (standard), Gold, Platinum and Black (or Infinite). But what is the difference between them?

First, it is possible to say that the biggest differences between them are for which profiles they are intended, as well as the number of advantages offered, which may also depend on the brand and the bank. See below for the details of each category!

Standard card (default)

It is usually the first credit card many customers have when opening a bank account. This category is separated into two others: national and international.

The main difference between them is that the national card is accepted in establishments and shopping sites only in Brazil, while the international card is accepted in physical stores and virtual stores in other countries as well.

In the vast majority of cases, national and international cards do not have an annual fee, as is the case with Nubank, Inter, C6 and many others, where the “basic” card is already the international one. On the other hand, this version has very little or no benefit to the customer.

Gold Card

The Gold card is very popular among Brazilians, as it is aimed at people who have a minimum income greater than R$2,000.

Gold cards are accepted for national and international purchases, their annual fee is around R$ 300. However, many of them do not have this charge, this may vary according to the card issuer. Among the most common benefits are:

  • Advantage program: Mastercard Surpreenda e Vai de Visa;
  • Price protection insurance;
  • Travel assistance;
  • Purchase protection insurance;
  • Original extended warranty;
  • Emergency card replacement.

Platinum Card

With the Platinum card you can count on more advantages than the Gold one. This type of card is aimed at those who have an income between R$5,000 and R$6,000. In most cases there is an annual fee, which is around R$ 450. The focus of this category is mainly on customers who travel frequently. Check out the benefits:

  • Special travel services such as travel advisor, airport concierge and cashback offers when customers travel and pay by card;
  • Emergency medical travel insurance;
  • Personal assistant available 24 hours a day;
  • Auto insurance;
  • Exclusive experiences and special offers;
  • Biggest line of credit.

Black or Infinite Card

This is the most exclusive category of all. The Black or Infinite card is intended for high-income people, with monthly earnings starting at R$15,000. Its annuity is around R$ 1,200.00.

The exclusivity is such that, in most cases, the bank itself sends an invitation to those who can acquire it. The Black card grants a series of benefits to its users. Look:

  • Special travel services, such as access to VIP lounges at various airports, concierge services and even a limousine service at some airports, travel agents and international offers;
  • Insurance against theft at ATMs;
  • Differentiated service at partner hotels and resorts;
  • Baggage loss insurance;
  • Discounts at selected hotels and restaurants;
  • Additional Miles;
  • Assistance with boarding delays or missed connections on flights.

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