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Recently, Whindersson Nunes said he doesn’t consider himself rich because he doesn’t have a lot of money saved. The comedian returned to talk about finances and says that he became a millionaire at the age of 20. He says that he is not very attached to numbers and that it was his brother who informed him of the conquest.

In an interview with the Primocast podcast, the comedian says that he was saving money and the demand for shows he was doing began to increase. He remembers that he played several small shows in cities around Brazil and started to earn more, until in a few months he managed to save R$ 1 million in his account.

However, it was not Whindersson who noticed the achievement right away. “I was never connected to the number. It was my brother who told me: ‘You are officially a millionaire’. I opened the account and saw it”, he recalls.

Nowadays, in addition to the shows, the comedian also has other sources of income. He said that if he dedicates himself, he can earn R$ 20 million in a year just with advertising on his Instagram profile. As much as this amount is already very high, the comedian says he could earn even more, but prefers to decline some offers, such as a recent proposal to promote a betting site that would pay him R$ 10 million.

“I have little money saved. I don’t have an account to brag about because from a very early age I have the philosophy of letting go and more coming. If I really wanted to be a guy with a lot of money in my account, I would be. But I donate a lot and I also spend a lot on myself, with the artistic life”, he concludes.

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