Woman is missing two teeth and has lip brake sewn after mistake in clinic in Baixada Santista

A resident of Cubatão has been living a nightmare for the past four months. Andressa Lucena Paes Hailer de Souza, pedagogue and artisan, had two broken teeth and her labial frenulum torn and sewn incorrectly while undergoing implant surgery at a clinic in Vila Nova, Cubatão.

“I had the surgery on February 23. Since then, I have been unable to work because of the pain and appearance. I don’t recognize myself,” he explained in an interview with The Tribune.

Andressa also explains that, since what happened, she has returned to the clinic at least once a week, in order to make a deal to repair the damage. However, the attempts came to nothing. “I feel humiliated and harmed in many ways. I ended up traumatized and now I’m afraid of the dentist”.

After unsuccessful attempts to talk to the clinic, the pedagogue looked for another dentist to repair the errors, and will perform the first procedure on the 28th. .

The report contacted the clinic, but did not receive a response until the publication of this article.

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