Xororó shocks to discover Sandy’s intimacy: “No father wants to hear”

Xororó is Sandy’s father.

With many years of career, Xororó is getting closer and closer to the fans. The singer who is part of the country duo with Chitãozinhoalways publishes family moments with his followers on his official Instagram account and with the proximity to the fans, he also likes to point out the importance of country music in Brazil.

The famous, who in addition to being a singer, is also a composer, is a reference for country music for his successful trajectory in the musical environment. However, the artist also suffered from the coronavirus pandemic, where he saw himself for the first time in many years of his career, having to step away from the stage.

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Xororó he spent more than two years without having live contact with his fans and this longing to work traveling on the road, made the singer use social networks even more. In a publication during social isolation, the singer decided to highlight his son-in-law, Lucas Lima and the eldest, Sandywhere the three appeared in a video singing the song by Sundays‘Lamento Sertanejo’.

The trio of musicians appear in a place with a lot of vegetation and left the followers of Xororó delighted. “Northeastern country music has always enchanted me, and this is one of my favorites! As a family, it gets even more special, right?”published the singer in honor of his son-in-law and daughter Sandy.

The post garnered many likes and several comments, including from her son. Junior Lima, Fabio Junior, among other celebrities.


Sandy gave an interview to a magazine and talked about a subject considered taboo for many people: anal sex. The famous who already had a moment of ‘boldness’, when she starred in a campaign for a brewery brand, ended up revealing that she feels anal pleasure.

Asked about her sex life, the singer was categorical. “Yes, because it is physiological. It’s not everyone. It must be the minority that likes it.” shot the famous, who continues on a solo career after he announced in 2007 the end of the duo with his brother, Junior.

Upon discovering that the heiress made this controversial statement, the sertanejo commented. “No father wants to hear that from his daughter,” shot Xororó in season.

The famous country singer, Xororó posted a video with his daughter Sandy and her husband, Lucas Lima (Photo: Reproduction)
The famous country singer, Xororó, his daughter Sandy and son-in-law, Lucas Lima (Photo: Reproduction / Internet)

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