Young man scams BRL 6,000 by ordering snacks and making fake pix using his girlfriend’s number | Roraima

A 19-year-old man was arrested this Saturday (18) on suspicion of making fake pix for a cafeteria using his girlfriend’s number, in Boa Vista. The owner of the establishment told the Military Police that the damage reached R$ 6 thousand.

The PM reached the suspect after the owner was victimized once again this Saturday. The young man ordered the snack, the store delivered the order, and, when paying, sent a false receipt. At that, the owner of the cafeteria called the police and they went to the delivery address.

The lunch had been delivered to the suspect’s girlfriend’s house. There, according to the PM, she said that the number that had made the pix was hers, but that she had not made any payment.

“She added that her boyfriend has access to her cell phone, made orders through an app and possibly sent fake receipts. The young woman said she had no knowledge of the criminal practice and offered to accompany the police to her boyfriend’s address, to clarify the matter”, said the PM.

Accompanied by his girlfriend, the PM went to the suspect’s house. When questioned, according to the PM, he confessed that he actually committed the crime of sending false proof of PIX to various online sales applications.

Also according to the PM, he also said that he received help from a friend, who was not located, and that there was a Telegram group, formed by several people who commit the same crime of embezzlement (sending false proof of PIX).

The owner of the cafeteria reported to the PM that since last year the same number had made other fake pix.

Those involved were taken to the 5th Police District, where the Flagrant Central works, and the case was under the responsibility of the Civil Police.

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