22-year-old dies in motorcycle and car crash at MGC-354 in Patos de Minas

A serious accident happened on Saturday night (18/06) at km 178 of MGC-354, on the Patos de Minas ring road. A car hit a motorcycle and the rider died instantly.

According to the Military Highway Police (PMR), the car was traveling towards Av. Marabá to BR-365, the moment the motorcyclist, in the same direction, started a turning maneuver.

According to the driver of the car, the motorcyclist was maneuvering to access a side road on the left in a fish-pay. The driver of the car tried to swerve, but ended up hitting the motorcycle. On impact, the passenger car rolled, hit a ravine and overturned. The motorcycle was completely destroyed.

Juliano Cesar Pereira de Souza, 22, could not resist his serious injuries and died at the scene. The body was found a few meters from the motorcycle. According to the Military Highway Police (PMR), he was disabled.

The driver of the Fiat/Palio, a 24-year-old man, was traveling alone and was consciously rescued with a suspected fracture in his right leg and pain in the cervical region. At the Antônio Dias Regional Hospital (HRAD) he was submitted to a blood alcohol test, which was negative for drunkenness.

The motorcycle has plates from Senador Canedo, in the state of Goiás, and had its licensing delayed since 2016. The car is already licensed in Patos de Minas/MG.


On Friday (17/06), Patos Notícias showed that a 45-year-old criminal police officer was found dead next to his motorcycle at km 173 of MGC-354. He would have had an accident. Click here and remember the fact.

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