5 ways to increase your Nubank card limit

See 5 tips to increase your Nubank credit card limit!

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Credit cards can be a great help in finances when used in the right way and in moderation. In the case of the Nubank card, many users have been looking for ways to increase the limit, since the bank has offered very low amounts.

To solve this situation, the digital bank released tips on how to increase the card limit. That way, you don’t have to be held hostage to regular credit reviews.

How to increase the Nubank card limit

In this sense, there are no tricks that guarantee the increase in the Nubank card, but practices that facilitate the relationship with the company and increase its trust with the customer. Check out five of them below.

Focus expenses on your credit card

It is extremely important to build a credit history in the market. So, it is recommended to use the Nubank card in your transactions, but without compromising your finances. In this way, the bank will have access to the customer’s consumption profile, and this will increase the chances of a higher pre-approved limit.

Keep CPF free of restrictions

When you fail to pay bills or pay them late, Nubank understands that you cannot afford your financial life. Therefore, having a “dirty name” is one of the main obstacles for those who want to increase their card limit.

Pay the bill on time

As mentioned in the first tip, paying the bill on time ensures a good credit history and increases trust between the financial institution and the customer.

Develop a relationship with Nubank

If, despite all these practices, Nubank takes time to increase its limit, wait a little longer so that the digital bank can closely monitor its evolution as a customer and, thus, release more credit.

Keep your income reports up to date

To know more about the user, the institution needs to know their monthly income to know what the chances of debts being paid are. Therefore, always send the updated proof of income, especially when there is an adjustment in your salary.

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