Airline that once dreamed of a Boeing 747 decides to fly with an Embraer plane

In the not so distant past, the small Caribbean archipelago of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines almost saw a huge Boeing 747-400 flying on a local airline. In fact, this story was told by AEROIN in 2019, when One Caribbean incorporated the 20-year-old aircraft, who was received with festivities and pomp, but who never flew a single airline route.

The company’s desire was to fly to the United States, but that never happened because the American authority did not assign a rating favorable in terms of flight safety for the country, making the aircraft a true “white elephant” in the hands of São Vicente. As a result, it ended up being stored at the Kansas City airport (USA), where it is to this day, even without the engines.

With no alternatives to its ambitious plan, One Caribbean has focused its efforts on regional aircraft and routes, most recently flying only a small 30-seat SAAB 340. However, the company intends to scale up its service again, with the incorporation of an Embraer ERJ-145 jet for 50 occupants.

The aircraft, which still has the South African registration ZS-MIF, was photographed in Girona, Spain, with the company’s painting, containing the logo in red, on the front of the fuselage, over a predominant white color, as shown in the image below.

The company has not yet disclosed when the jet will arrive and where it expects to fly with this aircraft, but it is assumed that it will continue with its profile of regional flights between the beautiful Caribbean islands.

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