Another man confesses to killing Bruno and Dom, says police – 06/19/2022 – Poder

Arrested on Saturday (18) on suspicion of participating in the deaths of indigenist Bruno Pereira and British journalist Dom Phillips, Jefferson da Silva Lima, known as Pelado da Dinha, confessed to having also been one of the perpetrators of the murders, according to investigation participants. ears by Sheet.

In addition to him, Amarildo Oliveira —the Pelado — admitted to having fired on the indigenist and the journalist. It was Pelado who led the search teams to the place where the bodies were found, in a forest on the banks of the Itaquaí River (AM), last Wednesday (15).

The third arrested is Amarildo’s brother, Oseney Oliveira, known as Dos Santos. Investigators are still investigating whether he shot Bruno and Dom or helped to hide the bodies.

The Federal Police reported this Sunday (19) that, in addition to the three arrested, five other suspects have already been identified for having participated in the concealment of the bodies of Pereira and Phillips.

“The crisis committee, coordinated by the Federal Police of Amazonas, informs that so far there are three suspects arrested for the death of indigenist Bruno Pereira and journalist Dom Phillips and five other people have already been identified for having participated in the concealment of the corpses”, says the PF statement.

According to the expertise carried out by the Federal Police, the two were killed with hunting weapons. The indigenist was shot three times, while the journalist was shot dead.

The examination, carried out by PF experts, indicates that Bishop Phillips’ death was caused by “thoracoabdominal trauma caused by a firearm with typical hunting ammunition, with multiple bullets [chumbinhos presentes em cartuchos de espingarda]causing lesions mainly located in the abdominal and thoracic region”.

Bruno Pereira’s death was “caused by thoracoabdominal and cranial trauma caused by firearm shots with typical hunting ammunition, with multiple bullets”.

The PF also says that, according to the expertise, the indigenist was hit by two shots in the chest/abdomen and another shot in the face/skull.

The exams take place in Brasília and the authorities expect the bodies to be released by Wednesday (22).

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