Apps to have on your phone if you want to learn new things

On a day-to-day basis, we spend a lot of time on our cell phones with distractions which are not always positive. However, there are tools that can be very useful to stimulate our mind, help in our daily lives and even teach us new things.

With that in mind, we have separated some applications to have on your cell phone with different utilities different and that aim contribute to your personal growth.

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Easy Ten

Learning a new language, nowadays, is as necessary as mastering the mother tongue. However, we do not always have the availability to stop to take an English course or class on a regular basis. That’s why it’s really worth having Easy Ten on your phone, as this app teaches you English in a practical way. For that, every day the app presents you ten new words in the language you choose with the translation and some applications. Thus, you guarantee your quota of knowledge in a new language with just a few minutes a day.


Ted is an application that brings together most of the content of presentations and lectures present in Ted Talks! In case you don’t know, this work aims to discuss important topics for today, bringing together a series of experts in the most diverse areas. For example, you can find Ted Talks lectures ranging from neuroscience to philosophy, politics, literature and more!

Google News

Do you have no time to update yourself with the daily news by reading articles or watching the news? So you can count on the help of Google News, which is an application that gathers what you need to know in real time. And best of all, the app has a very dynamic format, which manages to present the news with practicality and agility.

Google Keep

Finally, we have a app which is perfect for those who cannot organize the demands of routine. Through Google Keep you can set up schemes for carrying out work, studies and everyday tasks. In addition, you can also fill in the tasks already done and analyze your productivity for the day!

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