Arab company raises the bar with new business class on Boeing 787-9

Emirati airline Etihad Airways is raising the bar for onboard luxury with the debut of spacious new private suites for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. The product chosen was Elements, produced by Collins Aerospace and will initially be implemented on aircraft leaving the factory and delivered from next year.

In the new product, which is an evolution of what Etihad itself offers in current Dreamliners, the bed is lower and more comfortable. A redesign of the usable space allowed for more space for the feet under the passenger’s in-flight entertainment system monitor, which can reach 21 inches. A small tucked-in top of the suite (a feature Collins calls a ‘halo’) adds privacy for relatively little subtlety.

For now, there is still no official disclosure by Etihad on the subject, which was only anticipated by company executives. Therefore, it is not yet known whether the company, which like Emirates and others in the Gulf has luxury on board as one of its main sales approaches, intends to customize anything else.

In this way, for now it is possible to have an anticipation of what is to come from the material presented by the manufacturer Collins itself to disclose the standard design of the Elements product. Photos are below.

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