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the right back Khelven scored from a penalty and gave Athletico a 1-0 victory against coritiba, this Sunday afternoon, at Couto Pereira, for the 13th round of the Brazilian Championship. the goalkeeper Benedict made at least four good saves, while David Terans had a terrific performance.

With 22 points, Hurricane remained in the G-4 and took third place in the Brasileirão. Inter can resume the position in the complement of the round.

  • Technical sheet: Coritiba vs Athletico

Khelven: in his longest streak as a starter, with 12 consecutive games, the side was awarded a goal. In stoppage time, Vitor Roque suffered a penalty from Rafael William, and Khellven asked to hit. With class, he took out the goalkeeper and hit the corner. It’s his second of the season and his sixth with the red-black shirt – one of them had been a great goal in the Paranaense final, precisely at Couto Pereira. Grade: 7.0

David Terans: the attacking midfielder did not have a good performance in the classic. Top scorer in the season, he barely appeared on the field, didn’t take responsibility and finished only once before leaving at the beginning of the second half. Grade: 5.0

Pablo Siles: main surprise in the lineup, the midfielder had a first half of lost individual duels and bad positioning. He had a slight improvement in the second stage, with the support of Cittadini, but far from what was expected by the coach. In the end, Siles hit a good shot close to the post. note: 5.5

Coritiba 0x1 Athletico: Khellven celebrates the winning goal — Photo: Gustavo Oliveira/Athletico

  • Benedict [GOL]: 7.5
  • Khelven [LAD]: 7.0
  • Pedro Henrique [ZAG]: 6.5
  • Nico Hernandez [ZAG]: 6.0
  • Pedrinho [LAE]: 6.0
  • Pablo Siles [VOL]: 5.5
  • (Vitor Bueno [MEC]: no grade)
  • Erick [VOL]: 6.0
  • David Terans [MEC]: 5.0
  • (Matheus Babi [ATA]: 5.5)
  • Marcelo Cirino [ATA]: 5.0
  • (Leo Cittadini [MEC]: 5.5)
  • Cuello [ATA]: 6.0
  • Pablo [ATA]: 6.0
  • (Victor Roque [ATA]: 6.5)

Atletico returns to the field against Bahia on Wednesday, at 7:30 pm, at Itaipava Arena Fonte Nova, for the first leg of the round of 16 of the Copa do Brasil. For the Brazilian, the Drilling receives the Bragantino on Saturday, at 4:30 pm, at Arena da Baixada, for the 14th round of Série A.

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